Disney's Paraswift Can Safely Jump from Almost Any Point

 - Sep 12, 2011
References: geeky-gadgets & dvice
Paraswift is the latest invention from Disney (surprisingly, they help fund robotics research) and has been billed as a "BASE jumping robot."

For the uninitiated, BASE jumping is an activity that involves jumping from fixed objects like antennae, cliffs or bridges and safely landing via parachute. It may sound like a foolhardy endeavor, but jumpers insist that the rush is an incomparable high or adrenaline and excitement. Proving that robots can be just as foolish as human beings, the Paraswift is capable of vaulting from almost any height and landing without incident. The autonomous robot uses a system of low pressure vacuums in order to climb smooth surfaces and eventually tumble back toward earth.

For the time being, testing has been limited to 30-feet jumps, although I'm confident that Paraswift could jump from the Empire State Building after seeing the promotional footage.