The Paraboloid Lamp by Fernando Molas Garcia has a Waffled Surface

 - Aug 21, 2012
References: yankodesign
The Paraboloid Lamp has a sloping grid-like shape that is reminiscent of the hyperbolic geometric surfaces students would learn about in algebra class. Although not many people would want to remember those particular classroom days (unless a person is a math geek at heart), it cannot be denied that this particular surface interacts with the light beautifully. The Paraboloid Lamp casts a soft and mesmerizing glow that is diffused elegantly by the waffled surface.

Designed by Fernando Molas Garcia, the Paraboloid Lamp made out of two parts. The first is the grid-like lampshade. The second is the rounded concrete-like base. The way the Paraboloid Lamp's shade rests on the base, it almost looks like a piece of paper has fallen from above and frozen before is fully settled down.