Google's Paper Planes App Uses Android Tech to Bring People Closer Together

 - Sep 22, 2016
References: & androidcentral
In honor of International Peace Day, Google has released the Paper Planes app for Android. Available through the Google Play store, the app turns phones into virtual paper airplanes that can be thrown through a digital world and caught by other Paper Planes app users.

The virtual vessels in the Paper Planes app aren't just null items. Rather, before throwing their planes, users can write messages on them and stamp them with their country's faux-passport. Once released into the app's wireframe digital world, any user can use their virtual net to catch a plane, open it up, read what's written and where it's from.

Beyond the charming premise, the Paper Planes app is fun to use. To throw the paper planes, users must hold their phones between aa thumb and forefinger and move their hand, just like with the physical origami pieces.