No Nonsense Pantyhose Recycling Turns Leggings into Park Benches

 - Jan 16, 2012
References: nononsense & consumerist
Using old pantyhose to stake tomato plants and make sachets is not going to do the trick when stockings are no longer suitable for wearing; this is where the No Nonsense pantyhose recycling program comes into play. While they may be officially out of style, sheer hosiery sales total over $1 billion annually.

Inside every package of No Nonsense pantyhose is a green card with information about pantyhose recycling. Once packaged and sent to the company, discarded pantyhose is forwarded to recycling facilities and used to make things like park benches, ropes and playground equipment. The No Nonsense pantyhose recycling program aims to reclaim five percent of the company’s sheer hosiery, but the company accepts all stocking brands and colors and will take tights and knee-highs as well as pantyhose. Since hosiery often has a short useful life and a very long landfill life, even a small amount of pantyhose recycling is a step in the right direction.

Implications - Environmental life cycle impact assessments as tools for product development, management and marketing have an increasing role in business. Companies that position themselves to account for and mitigate negative environmental impacts leverage good will with consumers and investors because they demonstrate a socially responsible business ethic at a time when many businesses are seen as irresponsible and uncaring.