The Paddle Smartphone Can Be Creased to Cater to Your Immediate Needs

 - Feb 27, 2014
References: fastcodesign & apartmenttherapy
Imagine if you could mold your mobile phone into your desired dimensions on a whim -- that's the facility that the Paddle Smartphone would offer. Belgium's Hasselt University iMinds has been working on a cutting-edge design for a new handset that embodies origami-style flexibility.

Inspired by the rubix cube, the team has been developing a puzzling prototype that can take 15 different shapes to date. With gridded creases across its malleable touchscreen surface, the mobile phone can be expanded into an iPad-size tablet or pleated into a palm-sized device with the proportions of an iPhone. But what's more, the Paddle smartphone concept invites you to get creative, manipulating it into a wristband or treating it like a page in a book.