These Donuts are Contained in an Irresistable Packaging Tube Format

Creative agency Biggie Smalls created these self-promotional 'Big Poppa' packaging tubes as a way to win over the hearts of new clients. The agency describes that it "created [its] very own trojan horse, disguised as three irresistible donuts."

Inside the all-pink tube are three glazed donuts that were deliberately stacked in a way that separated the donuts with cardboard plates to aid with eating. These plates also doubled as a way for prospective new clients to learn about what Biggie Smalls could offer with short blocks of text printed on them.

Each donut from Biggie Smalls was branded in a way that emphasized the agency's offerings. For instance, names of the sweet treats included the strawberry Full Fat Strat, the Crispy Creative chocolate flavor and the Sugar-Topped Service vanilla donut.