The Owl360 Offers Cyclists a Third Eye on the Road

 - Sep 16, 2011
References: theowl360 & gizmag
If there’s one thing cyclists really need, it’s the Owl360, because it’ll provide a third eye for them that’s essential on the road.

When it comes to getting a rear view, cyclists can add side-mirrors, but it becomes a problem in the rain and nighttime. The Owl360 is a camera that will provide a view behind the rider without having to have to deal with shoulder checks. The camera gets attached to the bottom of the seat, while the monitor itself is secured onto the handlebars. The Owl360 will provide a 360 degree vision, and it has an infrared mode so that nighttime riding is possible. The accessory also features a Hotshoe connection for easy removal when it’s locked up, and it’s weather-resistant. The monitor and camera is powered by a 3.7-volt lithium-polymer rechargeable battery, which will let the device last for about five hours per charge.