The BakerStone Offers a Sleek and Box Style Oven Extension for Cooking

 - Dec 16, 2015
References: amazon & thegadgetflow
The BakerStone is an pizza oven extension that is small in shape and size and can conveniently be integrated into barbecues, grills and stoves. The design takes inspiration from a cardboard pizza box with a similar flat packed shape making it small and convenient to use whenever a pizza craving kicks in.

Traditionally pizza ovens are made of stone with an archway shape, making them large and bulky in size. In contrast, the BakerStone oven is an extension appliance that works in conjunction with another heat source. The boxed oven sits on top of an oven or grill and uses the original heat to increase the interior temperature to 750°F -- enough to cook a thin crust pizza in a few minutes.