Outline Collection by Jean Couvreur Merely Suggests the Idea of a Dish

 - Nov 7, 2011
References: jeancouvreur & muuuz
The sort of tableware usually designed to hold things like nuts, fruit and munchies normally incorporates a base and an edge which together contains articles of food and enables the entire dish to be conveniently carried. Quite peculiarly, the Outline Collection by Jean Couvreur breaks from the standard specifications of a typical salver by serving up a simple periphery with no surface beneath.

With this pair of pieces in use as a fruit bowl or a snack tray, the tabletop must become the bottom of the plate. The two stackable and separable angular closed edges thus act as mere guidelines or boundaries in which edible items must conform. The chic geometric Outline Collection by Jean Couvreur establishes an unexpected interaction between dining table and dish.