The Outback Cooler by Jo Szczepanska Works with the Heat of the Sun

 - Nov 8, 2011
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You might be more inclined to think that the hot sun is something to avoid when you're attempting to keep your provisions cold on a camping trip in central Australia, but counter intuitively the Outback Cooler by Jo Szczepanska actually requires solar radiation in order to circulate chilled air.

There's no cutting edge technology involved in the way that this invention functions, and in fact, the archaic Egyptian zeer type has inspired this handy piece of equipment 4,500 years later. The principle is based on a 'pot-in-pot' arrangement whereby a two-layer terracotta vessel houses wet sand in its insulating gap. As the Outback Cooler by Jo Szczepanska is warmed, heat exchanges with the cool moisture in the course dirt to keep the food inside chilled.