The Ostrich Pillow Junior Provides Children with an Impromptu Sanctuary

 - Aug 30, 2013
References: studiobananathings & fancy
To some, the Ostrich Pillow Junior may seem very familiar. It is essentially a smaller version of the original Ostrich Pillow that is made for children. Considering that kids could use such impromptu sanctuaries, whether in the home, at school or even somewhere in between such as the car, this cushion can really come in handy.

Designed by StudioBananaTHiNGS, the Ostrich Pillow Junior has a soothing cave-like interior that is highly conducive to providing the perfect micro-environment for a power nap. Teachers, parents and other guardians won't need anything else to facilitate much-needed time outs for their young wards with the Ostrich Pillow Junior on hand.

The Ostrich Pillow Junior is available in grey with different colored and patterned interiors.