Habits Studio Designed the Intuitive New OSOUND XLl

 - Mar 14, 2018
References: habits.it & design-milk
Milan-based design label Habits Studio introduced the OSOUND XL as the newest addition to its OSOUND speaker series. Speakers are often imagined to be an inconspicuous technological device within homes, but Habits reimagines this concept. The OSOUND XL doubles as a design accessory, mounted on a wall to make a loud statement, demanding to be both heard and seen.

The new OSOUND XL is controlled by gestures and has a light-up LED ring and volume controls placed at the front panel. The new speaker is an enlarged version of the original OSOUND and is constructed in Italy. The OSOUND XL is crafted from a blend of wood, acrylic glass and PC-reinforced by fiberglass, wrapped with an acoustic fabric. The speakers function through a Bluetooth 4.0 connection and produce sound through a 250W Class D amplifier, 4" midrange, 1″ tweeter and 8″ subwoofer.