The Oska 'Pulse' Works for All Kinds of Body Pain

 - Dec 20, 2017
References: amazon & 7gadgets
The Oska 'Pulse' has been developed for muscle recovery purposes and will work to address problem areas on the body where pain can commonly develop including the back, knees and other joints.

The device works by being worn on the problem area and going to work using electromagnetic pulse therapy technology to mimic the electric signals that are produced by your body for healing. This allows you to utilize a drug-free therapy option that is FDA-registered for the ongoing relief from body pain.

The Oska 'Pulse' acknowledges the prevalence of chronic pain problems amongst consumers and the need for at-home recovery solutions that don't involve pharmaceuticals. The unit also shows promise for those who have addiction issues to help promote pain relief and recovery without the need for painkillers.