The Ophiro Electric Motorcycle is Classy and Clean

 - Jul 12, 2011
References: & ecofriend
Orphiro is a Dutch company that is aiming to make electric motorcycles acceptable to both eco-activists and motorcycle enthusiasts with the new Orphiro Electric Motorcycle concept. The Ophiro is a bike designed for short and clean cruises around the city or countryside.

The Orphiro Electric Motorcycle is powered by five batteries that give the bike a top speed of 74 mph and a range of around 62 miles. This speed and distance may not be enough to attract the most hardcore motorcycle enthusiast, but they should be okay with the youth looking for a quick and clean way to get around a crowded city. The design of the bike is what should really turn heads as it hearkens back to the classic Harley Davidson and Triumph motorcycles made popular by Hollywood icons such as James Dean and Steve McQueen. Unfortunately, only the wealthiest of riders will be able to afford the Orphiro Electric Motorcycle as it has been priced at a staggering $54,000.