Flat Foldable Dinnerware By Orikaso

 - Sep 21, 2006
References: orikaso & treehugger
Lighten and brighten your outdoor experience with colourful flat folding plates, cups, mugs dishes and bowls. The concept reminds me of Origami, the ancient eastern art of folding paper into beautiful shapes. Orikaso Dinnerware is not made out of paper however, it is manufactured from PVC a greenpeace approved polypropylene plastic, very easy to clean (no corners because it is flat) and indestructable. The more you fold it the more durable it becomes and it is able to withstand boiling liquid up to 100 degrees. The Orikaso Dish has been used successfully in the microwave.

The unique design brings all the edges to the same height above the base allowing it to hold liquids and be stable.

Orikaso Dinnerware comes in a variety of colours and retails for an affordable couple of dollars apiece, or buy a whole set.

Keep your eye on the news for future Orikaso developments.

YOu can literally file away your dinnerware, create extra space in the picnic basket and lighten the load in your rucksack.