The 'Orgasm' Portrait Series Captures Very Private Moments

 - Mar 27, 2013
References: designlov
The portrait series Orgasms' by artist Diego Beyro depicts men and women at their most vulnerable (yes,it’s exactly what it sounds like). This collection of portraits showcases the many different facial expressions people make during sex when they reach climax.

In keeping with the intimate nature of these portraits, Beyro used a variety of different bed sheets in place of a canvas! The facial expressions in these portraits range from sexy to downright funny. 'Orgasms' takes a private, taboo topic and shoves it in your face in an amusing, lighthearted kind of way.

Hung side-by-side on a clothes line, Beyro’s extremely personal portrait series certainly grabs your attention and holds it. Looking at these faces, you can’t help but smile!