OREFON Cordless Phone is Out of This World

 - Jul 24, 2009
References: kitmankeung & thedesignblog.org
It’s not enough that smartphones can practically do calculus and fly--now we have a landline phone that looks like it can read minds. The out-of-this-world OREFON Cordless Phone is a sleek looking device that appears to be from another dimension.

Its gently embedded icons (the numbers, etc.) make for a landline phone with an unmatched interface (those touchscreen ones don’t count…that’s cheating). The phone comes in the black and white stripes or the solid orange, and it attaches to another handset without needing another phone jack.

If you need your taxes done as well, you might want to give the OREFON Cordless phone a call (HA…and no, the phone can’t do your taxes).