OptiTrack's Active VR System Lets Player Movements Control the Game

 - Mar 27, 2018
References: optitrack & engadget
OptiTrack's Active VR system is making the VR experience more immersive by integrating actual user movement. One of the issues currently facing VR gaming is the disconnect between movement controls. Using a controller for locomotion -- whether it be a teleportation style mechanism or use of a thumbstick -- leads to a general disconnect in immersion and actively reminds the user that they are just wearing a screen on their face. But OptiTrack is hoping to change this with its Active VR system that will allow players to move around in the game the same way they do in real life. The entire system is wireless and utilizes cameras to actively track movement.

OptiTrack recently showcased its new system at GDC 2018 using Arizona Sunshine from Vertigo Games as a demo. The showcase featured a host of VR accessories, including the Oculus VR HMD, the Hardlight VR haptic feedback vest and a Stryker VR rifle-style controller. The system worked surprisingly well with low latency and can even support four-players.