The OpenInvest Service Prides Itself on Honesty and Feedback

 - Jun 20, 2018
Driven by the idea of transparency and honesty, OpenInvest service is a Public Benefit Corporation that aims to make socially responsible investing easy and incredibly accessible. The core concept of the OpenInvest service centers around its comprehensive and fully diverse portfolios that can be easily customized to fit the specific values of an individual. Some of the issues users can select from to create their portfolio include divesting from carbon emissions and pollution, divesting from gun violence, investing in pro-LGBTQ companies, investing in ethical supply chains and investing in companies that stand up to Donald Trump.

Investing with OpenInvest will require a $3,000 minimum and will also require clients to open a brokerage account. From there OpenInvest will handle the rest based on the issues the client cares the most about. The whole process is incredibly transparent for the client with OpenInvest being 100% honest and offering 360-degree feedback on everything pertaining to the clients portfolio.