Open Privy Turns Human Waste into Plant Food

 - Feb 5, 2012
References: & tuvie
Open Privy is a conceptual waterless toilet designed for areas where water is scarce. The toilet was Austria's entry into the 2011 James Dyson Awards. Open Privy was designed to be simple, cozy and eco-friendly.

The simplicity of this design lies in its lack of pipes or levers. This toilet is more or less a souped-up portable toilet, with the exception that it's designed with a hinge that circulates fresh air throughout the toilet to prevent a buildup of unwanted smells. Open Privy gets its coziness factor from its light-filtering privacy screen and sleek and smooth fixtures.

Open Privy is designed to be used without water, although it can collect rainwater if placed outdoors. This design would greatly help those living off agriculture in rural areas, as it would give them a nice bathroom and a source of free fertilizer.