The Ooga Booga Coat Hook is Anthropomorphic, Ugly and Amusing

 - May 12, 2014
References: & mocoloco
Looking at the Ooga Booga coatrack, you can appreciate that it is not accurately representative of human physiognomy. Even without elements that emulate eyeballs and a mouth, however, the observer may understand the unusual object as a vaguely face-like sculpture.

For Studio Bertjan Pot, Moustache uses wood to produce the smooth mountable panels and the rounded, stick-like dowels that protrude from the backings. Central to two of the designs particularly is a large projection that resembles a nose. An arrangement of other pegs are placed where the peepers or ears might be, making the Pierre and the Ooga Booga appear as playfully deformed people. The Frik Frak is the third hanger in the collection, and it seems to show off a cluster of whiskery hooks.