The 'Online College' Chart Explains the Downsides of Virtual Learning

 - Jul 24, 2012
The 'Online College' infographic explains the downside to virtual learning. Being without the supervision of an educator while completing online courses makes it easier for college students to get away with cheating. According to this study, 77% of strictly online students have admitted to cheating, while only 56% of in-class students admitted to unethical behavior. Plagiarism has also increased due to the aid of the Internet.

The question remains whether or not taking a virtual course is as effective and beneficial as being in a classroom. According to 51 percent of college presidents, it is. In comparison, only 39% of students taking online courses agree, and the general public along with students who have never taken a virtual course find it to be unfavorable.

With the increased popularity in online courses, due to its flexibility and affordability, more stern measures will have to be put in place to ensure that dishonest activity is minimized.