The One Teaspoon 'Whiskey, Mystics & Men' Collection is Stylish

The One Teaspoon ‘Whiskey, Mystics & Men’ collection is stylish and dapper.

One Teaspoon’s latest collection is a far cry from a sporty aesthetic. This latest collection is titled 'Whiskey, Mystics & Men,' and has an unsettling air of intoxication that will make both men and women’s hearts race.

The collection comprises of maxi skirts, daring denim shorts, tank tops, and oversized sweaters and animal-printed jackets. The entire collection sticks to strong shades of black, brown, beige and white. The model clearly stands out and poses as a fearless girl, enjoying the collection of fresh and glamorous outfits. The One Teaspoon 'Whiskey, Mystics & Men' collection is available at Beginning Boutique, and is sure to spice up any fashionista's wardrobe this year.