The One Line Collection Comprises Crisply Creased Sheets as Seats

 - Jan 10, 2014
References: maximovich-design & leibal
It's interesting to think that the sufficiently substantial-looking pieces of furniture in the One Line Collection are actually made from single and very thin sheets of metal. Cubic and rectangular bolsters serve as the seat cushions in the armchair and the sofa, but if you were to remove those, you could easily picture the unfolding of these furnishings.

Maximovich Design aimed for continuity in the creation of this series, which also comprises a coffee table. Striving for forms without disruptions, the steel was bent to create bases, armrests, backrests and edged tabletops. There is a distinctly planar geometry to the 90-degree folds of the One Line Collection objects; however, they exude more softness than rigidity. Every crease in the colorful material is gently curved and the pillows are deep and plushy.