The OnCourse Goggles are Designed to Improve Performance

 - Aug 21, 2015
References: oncoursegoggles & gizmag
The OnCourse Goggles are goggles designed specifically for swimmers who swim in lakes, the sea and other natural environments where there are no lane markers available as is the case in many indoor lap pools. These goggles use LED lights to help swimmers swim in a straight line and prevent them from wasting time and energy swimming in inefficient patterns.

These goggles are embedded with an electronic compass, an accelerometer (with tilt compensation) and a microprocessor running special software. To use, you simply look towards your destination and then press a button on the goggles to save the visual reference. Once you begin swimming, the OnCourse goggles will let you know if you deviate from your course.

These goggles are a brilliant product because they make use of already existing technology and apply it to a product that most people assumed probably couldn't be improved on very much.