Magazine Walls Border the Business Abode of the Oktavilla Office

 - Jun 24, 2011
References: eldingoscarson & underconsideration
This office is definitely one you'll want to read into.

The Oktavilla office in Stolkholm is an innovative one for its unique construction. Architects who renovated the workplace wanted the space to reflect the creativity of the business and the values of the people working within it. They wanted the design to be aesthetically awesome and environmentally sound and they definitely succeeded.

The resulting Oktavilla office is so creative it's occupants will never want to leave work. The large dividing walls in the space are constructed entirely out of magazines. The magazines were bundled into bunches and bound to create glossy paper bricks. They were then stacked to form thick and colorful walls.

The Oktavilla office is an example of an environmental design that is creative and functional.

Implications - Environmental issues are at the forefront of the media, prompting consumers to adopt green habits into their lifestyles. These consumers seek environmentally sound structures to live in that are also unique in their design. Companies can cater to these green demographics by designing structures that promote eco-friendly practices and are aesthetically innovative.