The Oh Face Earbud Holder Will Surprise You with its Capacity to Tidy

 - Apr 12, 2013
References: etsy
Just about anyone with an iPod or any sort of smartphone would appreciate something like the Oh Face Earbud Holder. The lovely little lumber-carved creation is quite capable of preventing a great deal of irritation, where it concerns tangled cables.

Mitch Hall of Acoustic Design makes a range of clever wooden products, particularly as natural accessories for iPhones and the like. This walnut one has been cut into a loosely rectangular form with a slightly cinched middle. A bit of a depression is worked into the back of every piece and three holes are incised. The top two perfectly accommodate the placement of an earphone each and the smaller one below is for feeding the end of the wire through. Simply wrap the cord around the sides of the Oh Face Earbud Holder to keep your headphones kink- and knot-free.