- Jun 6, 2008
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Are you concerned with your carbon footprint? Dial into Zerofootprint and calculate your carbon output.

Zerofootprint is a startup organization that is turning heads in the area of sustainable commerce.

"Zerofootprint's website helps users not only track down their carbon footprints but also reduce their impact on the environment through carbon offset purchases," explains. "Their carbon dioxide calculators enable consumers to tally the impact their everyday lives have on the environment; measuring everything from their air and car travel to their food consumption habits. Consumers can also purchase carbon offsetsâ€"a tonne costs $16, or they can calculate how many offsets they require to cover the environmental impact of specific flights, driving a vehicle for a year, or their home's energy consumption."

The brainchild of Ron Dembo, also known for building one of the largest risk management software companies, Algorithmics, is part green consultancy, part carbon-offset broker and part social network. Their impressive roster of clients include Roots Canada, Air Canada, the City of Toronto and the list goes on.