View the Latest Professional Fashion Designs

 - Mar 15, 2012
References: trendreports
Making a fashionable office statement often goes hand in hand with a good day at work. Although intent on maintaining a professional vibe, a certain pizzazz is desired by the business crowd, no matter the type of business. This may translate into ensembles with a dash of color, or a lavish investment piece. The popular yearning for polished daytime attire has been met by countless designers and retailers, all of which feature their own particular twist on the concept. The Office Wear Trend Report offers the best of these enterprises in the form of over 200 PRO Trends and 1,921 examples of neckties, suits, vintage wares and much more.

Job-related pieces have brought about the classic work tie and the three-piece suit. While these do represent this sector's more authentic roots, the latest designs have focused on female-only blazers and funky dress shoes. This progression has brought about patterns like the 'Collegiate Chic' movement, pairing school looks with the post-grad world, all of which are covered in the Office Wear Trend Report. The retailer or worker looking to stay on the brink of chic will find this a valuable compendium.