Virgin Atlantic Prompts Viewers to Get Away from Work During Holidays

 - Sep 15, 2016
References: youtube & adweek
According to Virgin Atlantic, "1 in 3 people spend their holiday in the office," a statistic that helped to formulate its parody of office vacations.

In vintage fashion, the ad begins by panning down from the sky to a scene of an especially dreary office. A cheerful narrator is accompanied by a retro soundtrack -- as she sarcastically sells viewers on all the draws that work has when one could be away. Zooming into scenes of dumpsters outback and cars stuck in a roundabout outside, she considers the amazing views someone has access to when they take an office vacation.

Next, she moves onto the food, with the camera focusing in on a bowl of unappetizing soup in the microwave and some low-cost instant coffee. She then considers the luxury of elevators and public transit, as well as the "happening nightlife" that's actually overtime work. With this, Virgin Atlantic cleverly shows viewers why they should get out of the office for their holidays.