Office Lunchbox Invites Involved Food Prep and Coworker Socialization

 - Jan 18, 2013
There would be so many benefits to bringing the Office Lunchbox + Table System into workplaces, having a tremendously positive effect on individual employee health, happiness and a more collective cohesion. What one designer proposes is the introduction of an induction cooktop table that could serve as the mealtime hub for hungry workers.

Each employee could tote his own compact kit of containers. Their bases are fit to be warmed on the stovetop directly so that homemade recipes can be easily reheated. The smart touch-sensitive surface helps you to control your own particular dish.

Daniel To's Office Lunchbox + Table System would encourage people to save money and improve their nutritional intake by preparing their own food. Additionally, social interaction amongst coworkers and taking a sufficient break during the day do wonders for one's mental health.