An Ode to Failure Encourages Forgiveness and Compassion

 - Oct 27, 2013
References: beginwithin & youtube
In her short film 'Ode to Failure,' Tamara Levitt seeks to redefine failure as a valuable tool rather than a reflection of self. After being advised to quit her musical endeavors, Levitt assumed she was making a choice for self-care. Unable to, she later encountered another failure on a children's book project.

Through a long, arduous process, Levitt eventually came to the conclusion that success is not the "be all, end all." Having become intimately acquainted with failure, Levitt acknowledges that it can be difficult to recuperate from it. Indeed, it often feels like failure is an indication of ones self. However, Levitt wishes for a world in which failure is not the enemy. Instead, she urges us to remember that all failure is "preceded with a leap" and that it's okay to try for the sake of trying.

Levitt's short illustrated film reevaluates our view and response to failure in a way that encourages forgiveness and compassion.