This Odd Commercial for Krispy Kernels is Quirky and Distinctive

 - Mar 18, 2014
References: theideadrawer & adweek
This odd commercial is setting a shift in the advertising world, known as oddvertising, which is about making ads as strange and unpredictable as possible. 

The Canadian snack maker Krispy Kernels set the scene for its new ad, ‘Meditation.’ In a studio with four young adults, during a moment of zen and peacefulness, one is enjoying a Krispy Kernel snack. The sound of the crunch prompts a fellow friend to ask for some through telepathy, which ends in unexpected results.

This is part of a motive to make commercials as odd a possible while also being memorable. This type of marketing is seen in other bigger brands such as Skittles and Fruit by the Foot ads. It's popular with younger generations because it is unusual, which prompts delight and examination in finding out more about the brand.