The Ocean Clean Up Project Has a Five Year Goal

 - Sep 15, 2013
References: boyanslat & sobadsogood
Nineteen-year-old Boyan Slat has a vision for our planet, starting with his new endeavor entitled the Ocean Clean Up Project. Slat’s project includes a sophisticated machine that is able to correctly identify and sift through plastic debris. Plastic breakdown in oceans is incredibly harmful to aquatic life and, ultimately, the food we consume.

The project, which is aiming to begin in 2014, is being worked on by upwards of 50 scientists, engineers and students. Slat’s website states that the goal is to remove more than 7 million kilograms of plastic from the ocean within a five year time span. The website also accepts monetary contributions for those who are in the financial position to help.

Slat’s invention also has the potential to be profitable: the machine costs no money to run, since it will operate solely from solar and wave energy, and the plastic that is collected can be sold.