This OakOak Freedom Installation is Simple, Yet Impactful

 - Feb 11, 2013
References: oakoaknalblog
This OakOak Freedom installation is about as simple as it gets, yet packs a big punch.

In classic OakOak fashion, this installation isn't so much about the art he produced, but the place in which it was produced it. This project's brilliance is in the conversation between OakOak's creation and its surroundings. While that is a statement you could make about a lot of street art, this project would be lost if it wasn't placed in this exact spot.

The OakOak Freedom installation simply consists of a piece of white paper reading "Freedom Here" placed between two surveillance cameras on the side of a building. The position of the paper points to the blind spot between the cameras and is a cheeky jab at video surveillance. The installation intentionally provokes questions about the true nature of freedom.