OmniVision's Nyxel Technology Can See Better and Farther

 - Oct 13, 2017
References: ovt & securityinfowatch
Infrared night vision sensors are nothing new in the world of security, but OmniVision's new Nyxel technology offers infrared image sensing beyond what competitors in the market might be accustomed to. The system promises better and farther vision during the night thanks to thicker silicon, deep trench isolation, and a novel absorption structure.

To be clear, Nyxel technology isn't technically infrared. Rather, it's near-infrared (NIR) technology, though the principles are the same. Since infrared is outside of the visible spectrum of light, NIR sensors can effectively depict the landscape they're pointed at without disturbing the environment by shining visible light.

Nyxel technology stands apart from others in terms of both performance and longevity. It uses fewer LEDs, thus conserving energy, while still providing high enough quality for the image recognition software common in security systems to function correctly.