These Yo' Nuts Snack Mixes Boast Fats and Proteins for Happy Hormones

 - Dec 23, 2016
There are tons of nut snack mix products on the market that put an emphasis on providing satiety between meals, fuel during physical activities and if nothing else, flavor. Yo' Nuts is an Australian brand that sets itself apart from its competitors by providing nut snacks that target a variety of issues.

In addition to producing a blend of nuts called 'For the Love of Hair,' Yo' Nuts also makes two blends that help to balance hormones. This includes the 'Seed Cycling Blend,' as well as the 'Hormone Loving Mix.' What makes these two products especially beneficial for one's health are the good fats and healthy proteins included, which are described as "the building blocks for your hormones."

Rather than turning to topical treatments, many consumers are now instinctually choosing to address a variety of their personal health ailments from the inside out with a food-first approach.