The Nurture Adjustable Infant Mattress Focuses on a Strap System

 - Jun 19, 2014
References: yankodesign
Foregoing the core and support layers of traditional baby beds in favor of a strap system, the Nurture Adjustable Infant Mattress allows parents to indulge their child with a bespoke design that is tailored specifically to their proportions. Since sleep is the main activity these toddlers engage in, it is important that parents provide them with the best rest possible.

Designed by Iain Mortimer, the Nurture Adjustable Infant Mattress is made up of four parts: a flexible cover, breathable foam, adjustable straps and extendable metal frame. The true beauty of this option is the fact that the tension of the straps can be tweaked to ensure that the surface is as hard or soft as the baby likes it to be. The straps also ensure risk of overheating and suffocation is reduced significantly.