The NuForce Icon iDo Improves Overall File Quality of MP3s

 - Sep 10, 2011
References: nuforce & ubergizmo
Despite its deceptive looks, the NuForce Icon iDo isn't a new camera or a designer MP3 player; instead, this little gadget is here to improve the overall quality of MP3 files.

Most tend to download MP3 files since their size is small and the overall quality is acceptable. The problem with this is that when audio is converted into this format, a lot of the quality is lost, which means you don't get the full potential of what was recorded in the studio. This is where the NuForce Icon iDo comes in: Connect the gadget to an iOS device and it'll automatically convert any audio file into something more pleasing to the ear. It can boost the power in headphones, plug into speakers and be used with an IR remote receiver.

The NuForce Icon iDo is ideal for home use, but with its capabilities, who's complaining?