Nude by Shinichi Maruyama Looks to be Comprised of Paintings

 - Nov 20, 2012
References: shinichimaruyama & itsnicethat
Some people may assume that the photo series titled Nude by Shinichi Maruyama, a Japanese photographer, is not suitable for work, but think again. The images are so artfully blurred, not one inappropriate peep of private parts is discernible. Instead, the images look like contained water paintings or even clay on a potter's wheel. In reality, the nude models used for the photoshoot have been shot at incredibly low shutter speeds in order to capture their movements in a surreal and paint-like way.

Nude by Shinichi Maruyama is in line with his past work. Instead of shooting live models, he focused on paint and water. Nevertheless, Shinichi Maruyama shows that the human body can be just as abstract as these liquid materials.