The Not Your Parents' American Dream Graphic Documents Goals

 - May 30, 2012
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The Not Your Parents' American Dream graphic details the difference that exists between the goals of young adults today and the goals that their parents had years ago at the same age.

Completed using information compiled from MetLife's fifth survey on American ideals, the chart shows that younger generations are more concerned with achieving the American Dream than their elders were, but that this dream has changed.

Maintaining close ties with friends and family tops the list of important aspirations for the future and feeling a sense of personal fulfillment with one's life choices trumps financial success.

Fifty per cent of Generation Y respondents said that they feel as though they work harder than their parents and nearly half of respondents said that they would either go back to school, take a job for which they were overqualified, relocate or attain additional job training to achieve their career goals.