The Nossa Senhora de Fatima Chapel Sits Atop a Plateau

 - Jan 24, 2018
References: archdaily
The grandiosity and ornateness of religious buildings paved the way for architecture as a practice, but the Nossa Senora de Fatima chapel in Portugal shows that not all edifices built with religion in mind need to be grand. The small outdoor chapel is simple and modern, standing in opposition to the titans of the Gothic Revival while positing an even more impressive alternative.

Though nominally a chapel, Nossa Senhora de Fatima doesn't look like a typical religious structure. That's because the building itself is little more than an angular canopy, making it an outdoor chapel. The implication for the building is that those in attendance should look out at nature rather than in at artificial things. Considering that much of religious architecture is grounded in the idea of creating something as glorious as God, the decision to defer to nature is a clever one.