The Noocity Growbeds Allow Consumers to Easily Grow Their Own Food

 - Mar 25, 2015
References: noocity & indiegogo
A new and growing innovation is the emergence of city gardens -- gardens that can grow in small spaces with fewer resources. Noocity Growbeds, introduced by a Portuguese start-up, is a new entrant in city gardens with a product that makes it super easy to grow your own vegetables.

Noocity Growbeds comes in a light and convenient pack and can be easily assembled as a single unit or a combination of units. Once you have set up Noocity Growbeds, you are ready for producing, fertilizing storing and composting your own vegetables and fruits. It has a water reservoir, which allows you to go without watering your vegetable for up to three weeks.

Off course, by self watering, Noocity Growbeds also avoid the issues of over watering. There is also a container for composting in the Noocity Growbeds. When you put your food waste in this container and add water and earthworms, nutrients that are good for the plants are created within the Noocity Growbeds. And that takes care of the self-fertilizing.

So all you need to start your own vegetable garden is Noocity Growbeds, some soil and seeds, and you can grow your very own fruits and vegetables.