NOAM is an Artisanal German Beer Served in Italian Glass Bottling

 - Dec 6, 2015
References: & highsnobiety
NOAM is a new craft German beer, created to pay homage to Bavarian lagers of the past. The beer is light and refreshing, with a distinguished mild taste.The drink's floral and savory notes are contrasted with the delicate flavor of 'Smaragd' hops.

All of the ingredients in NOAM are sourced from Hallertau, an area renowned for its hop-growing traditions. The beer is not filtered or thermally treated, and takes six weeks to complete the aging process.

Perhaps more stunning than the product itself, is the beer's distinct packaging. Served in clear glass bottles sourced from Italy, the bottle speaks to NOAM's artisanal inspiration, accompanied by simple and minimalist text. Furthermore, the bespoke craftsmanship of the beer is reflected beautifully in the tastefully refined bottle.