The NO Sign by Avichai Tadmor Helps Put Bad Habits on Hold

 - Nov 14, 2011
Not everybody is born with good strength of self-discipline so a little help to keep one's activities controlled can be quite liberating. Something as simple as the NO Sign by Avichai Tadmor could undertake this task, by taking hold of your favorite effects and reminding your when it's no time to use them.

Sold through Monkey Business, this cheeky piece is essentially a small tin street sign with a prop and an integrated elastic band. It has, however, been executed in a clever way with the word "NO" printed onto it in red accompanied by a circle with a stretchy strike through it.

The sling within the NO Sign by Avichai Tadmor can keep hold of mobile phones, cigarettes, candy and more. It can be used to with real contents to communicate room rules or act as your own personal supervisor, clasping your gadgets while you work.