SpinVox Transcribes Your Words

 - Nov 23, 2007
References: youtube & spinvox
There as been all sorts of fuss lately from players such as Microsoft, Google and Apple about bringing the web to a mobile environment by using speech, the oldest form of communication. However, this is exactly why I think SpinVox should be mentioned as they have been doing this for over four years. There are experts in 'talking' to the web or turning your voice mails into text, something which is becoming a very hot trend indeed.

Anyone can use their service to send messages via text to a phone, e-mail, tv or even blog such as Twitter or Facebook. You can send it to lots of people at once (say all the members of your sports team), or even memo's to yourself. It is free to trial on their website, and I have just signed up for good as I was so impressed. No more writing down details from voice mails (or in my case having to write these in lipstick as you have no pen!) as they are delivered into your e-mail or phone inbox in text.

The really cool bit is the system- known as D2 - who understands what you are saying. He can understand Spanish, German, French and English and learns news words every day. Yes even the rude ones!

I found out about it through use, but I thought i would share with you what the girls at Shiny Shiny also have to say about it via a video they have very handily stuck on YouTube. The read more URL takes you to a Newsnight (very important UK current affairs programme) coverage of SpinVox.