Nissan Rogue Labyrinth Ad

 - Oct 7, 2007
Nissan's latest TV spot for the Nissan Rogue takes viewers through a virtual labyrinth. Remember playing with those wooden boxes that required you to tilt a board to guide a tiny marble around a maze, dodging holes along the way? Well if you don't, TBWA\CHIAT\DAY sure does, and they're ready to revive your memory. Despite the simplicity, the wooden games entertained you for hours. Is that the message the Nissan hopes to get across?

The videomercial features the Rogue zipping down the streets of the game of life. The base of the game is transposed onto the city streets, and instead of a glistening steel marble, its cars being maneuvered through the labyrinth. Considering it's a commercial, it's kind of obvious who wins. Still worth checking out!