Nina Conti on Russell Howard's Good News Uses a Human Prop

 - Jun 5, 2012
References: youtube & laughingsquid
The premise of ventriloquism is the projection of one's own voice onto that of an inanimate dummy, and the novelty stems from the idea that a doll itself is speaking -- but even though Nina Conti on Russell Howard's Good News turns this concept upside down with a live audience member as her volunteer dummy, she manages to keep all of the humor a ventriloquism act entails.

Her show starts off with the traditional puppet as her partner, but halfway through the act, Nina Conti asks for an audience member. A good-sported Luke is picked out of the crowd and is asked to take off his glasses to don an ape-like mask that gives him the most hilariously smug look. This alone is enough to draw a few giggles out of the audience. With Nina edging him on the dance, she notes that his body language suggests he won't dance, but then, being a ventriloquist, speaks as if she were him and promises the audience that 'he' truly cannot wait.

A talented comedian who's preformed all over the world, NIna Conti has found a great twist to the art of ventriloquism.