The Nike T-Shirt Designs for 2013 are Bold and Visually Appealing

 - Aug 2, 2013
The Nike T-Shirt Design for 2013 is filled with vibrant colors and geometric designs.

The images are shown on both white and black backgrounds, the colors seriously stand out on both. The Nike Air sneakers are graphically designed to look like they're running, as the shoes look as though they are in motion. The colors around and under the shoes look like colorful specs of dust exploding out of the shoes during the run. One design that is really interesting is the one of the stereo. While it doesn't include a Nike Product, the recognizable logo appears on the speakers. This design definitely makes the statement that Nike is loud and will definitely grab your attention.

The slogan 'Just Do It' also makes an appearance, and the words are made to look like they're bursting out of the shirt. These designs define Nike products: bold and eye-catching.