Track Your Performance while you Groove

 - May 26, 2006
References: apple & nike
Match made in heaven?
Nike and Ipod have teamed up to offer the Nike+iPod Sport Kit, which offers the ultimate workout and training session. Online software, allows you to keep track of your running performance and receive voice updates via your ipod during your race. A wireless sensor sits embedded in specific models of Nike trainers and transmits workout information - such as running pace, distance travelled, and calories burned - to your iPod Nano.

So, you choose your workout and custom playlist, put on your Nike trainers and via sensors get updates through your ipod on your speed, how many miles you have to go - how fast you ran etc. Then when you get home, you synch and can track and compare your progress as you train.

Plus, Apple will have a Nike Sport Music section on iTunes Music Store for downloading music mixes and other stuff.

Very very smart!